CS447/CS642 Tentative Class Schedule

Tue Sept 14    READ: Ch.1, Ch.2-2.2.1, Ch.3-3.2
Network design issues; layered reference model; bandwidth; Nyquist & Shannon theorems; baud rate; signal-to-noise ratio and decibels; modems and modulation; satellites; optical fibers; (Differential) Manchester encoding; 4B/5B encoding; baseband/broadband signalling; multiplexing/concentrating.

Tue Sept 21    READ: Supplementary Note
Review of probability: discrete probability- conditional probability, permutations and combinations, continuous probability- Poisson distributed events and the Exponential distribution; bit/frame error rate; Elementary Queuing Theory; statistical multiplexing.

Tue Sept 28    READ: Ch.3.3-3.4
Bit/character stuffing; error detection/correction; RS232C standard; asynchronous/BISYNC formats; Centronics interface.

Tue Oct 5    READ: Ch.3.5-3.5.2
Point-to-point data link protocols- stop & wait, sliding window; review.

Tue Oct 12    EXAM 1 (Ch.1-2.2.1, Ch.3-3.4, Supplementary Note)

Tue Oct 19    READ: Ch.3.6
Broadcast networks; carrier sense (CSMA) network protocols.

Tue Oct 26    READ: Ch.3.7-3.9 (omit 3.8.3)
Token ring.

Tue Nov 2    READ: Ch.4-4.5
Packet/circuit switching; virtual circuits vs. datagrams; Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm; routing tables and algorithms; Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switching; review.

Tue Nov 9    EXAM 2 (Ch.1-2.2.1, Ch.3 omitting 3.8.3, Supplementary Note)

Tue Nov 16    READ: Ch.5 (omit 5.3.2-5.5.2)
Bridges; spanning trees; sink trees.


Tue Nov 30    READ: Ch.6 (omit 6.3)
DNS, UDP, TCP, sockets.

Tue Dec 7    

Tue Dec 14    FINAL EXAM

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