Apache Web Server Help

© Copyright 1997 University of New Haven

To post your own HTML web pages, go to your home directory, and create a subdirectory named pub. Set general read and execute access (chmod a+rx) on your home directory, the pub subdirectory, and all files within that subdirectory. The default page within pub is index.html and it is visible as http://system2.newhaven.edu/~yourname, for System2 users, and as http://cslab.newhaven.edu/~yourname for CSlab users. (For example, system2.newhaven.edu/~okrent is file index.html in directory /u2/okrent/pub. CGI programs must have the suffix .cgi (e.g. a.out.cgi or script.pl.cgi). This is a safety measure to ensure that only programs named this way can be executed by web surfers.

More information about the web server is obtainable at www.apache.org. System2 has an online manual at system2.newhaven.edu/manual. Have fun.