DECstation SYSTEM2 Accounts

Accounts have been created, as follows, for everyone registered in the class:

Your LOGINID is your last name (surname, family name) in lower case letters. If your last name is more than 8 characters long, then your LOGINID is only the first 8 characters. For example, if your last name is Tchaikovsky, then your LOGINID is tchaikov.

Your PASSWORD has 6 characters. Its first 2 characters are your first and last initials in lower case. Its last 4 characters are the last 4 digits of either your student number or of your home telephone number. Try both.

Student George Eliot has student number 123-45-6789 and home telephone number 555-2468. Therefore George's LOGINID is eliot, and George's PASSWORD is either ge6789 or ge2468. George should try both passwords and use whichever one works.

If you are unable to connect to System2 from here, it may be because your browser is not completely installed. Make sure it has a Telnet helper application assigned in its Options menu.

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