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Academic Policies
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Academic Honesty

I expect you to do your own work with modest help from others. You may ask for help from anyone, but be careful to limit the amount of help you recieve so that your work is not like anyone else's. I DO notice when two people turn in very similar work.

I will not tolerate "cheating", that is, representing someone else's work as your own, in whole or in part. A zero grade on the assignment, for all people involved in an incident, is my usual response. Possible responses in severe cases include a failing course grade and/or a request to the University for academic discipline.

Missed Exams
I expect you to reach me within 24 hours of a missed exam if you want the privelege of making it up. Use phone, email, or messenger, but get in touch with me. The exam must be made up before I hand back the papers to the rest of the class.

Late Work
I generally accept late work but reserve the right to downgrade it. The primary penalty for lateness is that you will not have the feedback you need in a timely manner -- I put the late work on the bottom of my grading pile.

Final Grades, W, and Inc
I do not teach many easy courses; you should expect to work if you want a high grade. All of the work I assign will help you master the subject matter; none<\it> of it is optional.

I assign grades by a mixed strategy--both the class curve and the absolute quantity and quality of the work are considered. I use grades A+ through D- and F.

I generally permit students to drop a class at any time until the last class meeting, for sufficient reason. I do give grades of Incomplete under special circumstances.

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