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--A. Fischer Finding the Mid-Path
Conference presentation, International Software Engineering Symposium, Wuhan, China, March, 2001.

--A. Fischer, M. Cohen, J. Chiarella, R. Morelli
Skills that constitute professional competence, Panel presentation, CSSCNE conference, May, 2001.

--A. Fischer, S. Ross, and D. Eggert
Applied C, An Introduction and More..., McGraw Hill, 2000.

--A. Fischer and F. Grodzinsky
The Anatomy of Programming Languages, Prentice Hall, 1993.

--A. Fischer and M.J. Fischer
Mode Modules as Representations of Domains, Proceedings of the first Principles of Programming Languages Conference, ACM, 1973.

--T.E. Cheatham, A.E. Fischer, and P. Jorrand
BASEL, the Base for an Extensible Language, Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Fall Joint Computer Conference, 1968.

--A.E. Fischer
A Semantic Basis for a Programming Language with Extensible Mode Relationships, dissertation, Harvard University, 1985.
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