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[Please make sure you read notes on the preparation for the Final before you come to the exam!]

Welcome to CS604, Introduction to Programming/C!

This course is taught in the fall trimester of year 2000 at the University of New Haven.  This web site is a supplement to the lectures, and where we meet outside class.  You will always find updates and news here.  Please check out the web site often.

The general information and course schedule gives you an idea what this course is intended.  You can also find supplement material for each lecture in the course schedule.

Programming style is as important as program correctness in this course.  It will be stressed from the first class to the last one.  It is always a pleasant experience for you, as a programmer, and your readers to look at a well-formed and well-styled program.  Please keep in mind your programming style counts in the grading.  Here are some general guidelines I will use to grade your homework.

At least one program will be discussed in each class.  I will publish them two days before the class so that you can print and bring them with you to the class if you want.  I will be very happy if you can also bring your questions about the new programs.  Here is the program Hello World for the first class on September 14, 2000.  For other programs, please refer to the corresponding lecture material in the course schedule page.

After each class, don't forget to check out the homework and due date.  Also look at here for the latest announcements.

Wish you a fruitful trimester!  J                                                           

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