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This two-year associate program is designed for the student who wishes an earlier entrance into the job market. All credits can be applied toward the corresponding bachelor's degree. We recommend that students enroll in both simultaneously.

For more information about the program or department, contact our undergraduate advisor, Dr. Alice Fischer.

Program Requirements: 62 credit hours, including the UNH Core Curriculum
Computer Science Courses
CS 110 Introduction to Programming I
CS 112 Introduction to C Programming II
CS 166 Fundamentals of Digital Computation
CS 226 Data Structures and Algorithms I
CS 314 Computer Organization
CS programming elective

Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
M 117 Calculus I
M 118 Calculus II
M 203 Calculus III
EE 255 Digital Systems I
EE 256 Digital Systems Laboratory
Laboratory Science sequence, 1 and 2
2 technical electives

Humanities and Social Sciences
E 105 or E 106 Composition
E 110 or E 111 Composition and Literature
HS 102 The Western World in Modern Times
2 Social Science core electives.
Fine arts, Music, Theater core elective
  • Laboratory Science 1 and 2:
    A two-course sequence of laboratory science courses designed for science and engineering majors: BI 253 and BI 254, or CH 115, CH 116, CH 117, and CH 118, or PH 150 and PH 205.

  • CS Programming Elective:
    A CS course at the 300 or 400 level that requires a substantial amount of programming.

  • Technical Electives:
    Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, or Engineering courses at the 200-level or higher. Some Criminal Justice and Fire Science courses also qualify. See the UG advisor.

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