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Graduate certificates are for people who have a college degree (B.S. or M.S.) and who want a short, coherent course of study at the graduate level. The CS Department offers three options, all with elective choices, that can be tailored to individual needs. Candidates are expected to meet the prereqisite requirements for CS 610 (Intermediate Programming) and all other courses.

All certificates require four courses (12 credit hours) of study. The two basic courses are common to all three options:
CS 610 Intermediate Programming / C
CS 620 Data Structures
Certificate in Computing

The remaining two courses for this certificate must be chosen from the list of Computer Science Restricted Electives.

Certificate in Computer Programming

Choose one course from this list:

  • CS 617 Java Applet Programming
  • CS 623 Rapid Software Development / Visual Basic
  • CS 626 Object Oriented Principles and Practice / C++
And one course from the list above or from this list:
  • CS 605 COBOL Programming
  • CS 616 Assembly Language
  • CS 647 Systems Programming / C
Certificate in Computer Applications

Choose two courses from this list:
  • CS 617 Java Applet Programming
  • CS 622 Database Systems
  • CS 622B Advanced Database Systems
  • CS 623 Rapid Software Development / Visual Basic
  • CS 634 Cryptography and Data Security
  • CS 650 Computer Graphics
  • CS 657 Windowing Systems
  • CS 660 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 665 Digital Image Processing
  • CS 666 Image Recognition

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